October 10, 2016

Beekeeping Equipment

Apart from the bee hive there are additional pieces of equipment you will need and as with every other hobby or occupation there are hundreds of different pieces of equipment a and gizmos available to the beekeeper. The good news is that the only essential pieces of beekeeping equipment, you will need for use on a regular basis are a smoker and a hive tool.  You will probably also need a feeder, but it is possible to make do without them, or make your own. Apart from the smoker and the hive tool there are other pieces of beekeeping equipment that although not essential you may also find will make your life easier .

The following information will be useful when deciding upon beekeeping equipment:

Hive Tools for Beekeeping The hive tool is an essential tool for the beekeeper. These are specially designed metal bars which you will not be able to manage without.

The Smoker The smoker consists of a metal fire-box and grate with bellows attached. We would not recommend opening a hive without one.

Beekeepers, Reduce Smoking in Honey Bee Colonies Perhaps the notion that the smoke calms the bees is somewhat questionable, as how many of us would remain calm if we discovered smoke drifting through our home.

Other Equipment

Bee Brush A lot of beekeepers say they could not be without their bee brush. The purpose of a bee brush is to gently brush the bees from off the comb.