October 1, 2016

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Honey Bee Larvae Alimentary Canal

Honey Bee Larvae Digestive System – Alimentary Canal

The alimentary canal of a bee larvae is not as complex and developed as that of  a fully grown bee (see Honey Bee Alimentary System), but still has to function efficiently to ensure nutrients are absorbed quickly to aid the larvae’s rapid growth and ensure that it has sufficient body stores to last it through.

Anatomy Honey Bee

Honey Bee Digestive System – Alimentary System

The honey bee  digests its food and the nutrients extracted from that food is circulated by the bee’s blood and used for energy and to build, maintain and repair the body. The waste products as with all living things then need to be excreted from the bee’s body.The alimentary system or canal and its associated glands are where […]

Removing the Queen Cage

Removing the Queen Cage from a Package of Bees and First Inspections.

Having installed a package of bees for the first time it can often be hard for new beekeepers to resist the temptation of checking what is happening inside their new hive. We are often asked when you should inspect your hive after installing your packaged bees? You must wait at least 5  days any sooner and the.

Harvest Propolis

Harvesting Propolis

Propolis is becoming increasingly valued by those seeking more natural products and remedies and therefore the collection of propolis has become a profitable exercise for beekeepers. Propolis is harvested in Autumn using special propolis traps, it is at this time that the bees will be anxious to seal any holes up to reduce potential winter drafts. Propolis […]

Propolis in beehives

Propolis and Bee Hives

Propolis is the sticky resinous substance that bees collect from plants and trees and which gets all over your hands and clothes when inspecting a bee hive.  Propolis is produced by the trees and plants to protect their buds from, bacteria, fungus and most insects. The composition and colour of propolis varies from plant to plant.